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  • Michael Myers Costume

  • Get ready for Halloween with our haunted Michael Myers Costume!

Michael Myers Costume

Get ready for Halloween with our haunted Michael Myers Costume! SHOP

Whether you are obsessed with Michael Myers costume or just want something really unique for the fancy Halloween party night, we have fully got you covered. Halloween is one of the most cheerfully celebrated occasions. And we surely know how to make your Halloween memories a bunch of fresh roses for the rest of your life.
Because Halloween is all about being fascinating, a little whimsy with your wardrobe pick might offer some spice to your whole look. And Michael Myers jumpsuit is absolutely that particular spice. With our Michael Myers Costume, you can have your best Halloween party look.

Michael Myers

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Michael Myers Cosplay

  • Michael Myers LED Halloween Mask
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michael myers costume for adults, michael myers couple costume

Michael Myers Outfit

Reasons Why You Should Have Michael Myers Costume

Michael Myers Costume for Adults
Do you wish to wow your friends with your one-of-a-kind Michael Myers adult costume at a fancy Halloween party? If the answer is yes, then we've got just what you're looking for. You'll look exactly like the most dangerous monster, Michael Myer, in our fully-sized Michael Myers costume!
Wearing your best Halloween Michael Myers costume, you can amaze your friends and family. You'll also seem cool, adorable, sophisticated, and captivating.
The first step in wearing this jumpsuit is to tuck your tootsies into the bottoms and buckle the footsie under your shoes. Zip up the back of your Michael costume and slide your arms down into the jumpsuit arms. Wear the Michael Myers mask over your head and brush your synthetic hair's man bun. You've got the whole Michael Myers thing down, pat.

Kids' Michael Myers Costume
Christmas and Halloween are two of the most exciting times of the year for children. Whether your child is unhappy or cherry, a Michael Myers kid outfit would be a wonderful present for them. They have both the customary jumpsuit and burned synthetic mask. It would be the best outfit for any child who is gearing up to channel their inner self around the Halloween holidays.
The costume would be the same as an adult's but scaled down for children. Wearing this Michael Myers outfit, you may urge your child to join in Halloween plays at school. Giving your children this outfit will brighten their day because they are already enamored with the character and its Halloween fitting haunted personality.

Michael Myers Couple Costume
If you are a mingle person and want to go to a fancy Halloween Night party with your partner, we are here with a couple of Michael Myers outfits. You and your partner can look super cool wearing the same outfit since nowadays twinning is all over the globe.

Michael Myers costume Accessories
We recognize that not everyone wants to be decked out in Myers costume from head to toe. Sometimes all you need is a few accessories or a simple jumpsuit. A jumpsuit, sharp knife-thing, and burned mask might be all you need to transform into Michael Myers. We just so happen to have everything you'll need to make a simple Myers costume from scratch.

Michael Myers Jumpsuit

We provide our customers with a super body-friendly jumpsuit. You can wear Michael Myers make-up with a Michael Myers jumpsuit, and yeah, you are good to go. Our jumpsuit is sturdy and soft against the skin.


Michael Myers Mask

For you, we've prepared a really practical and natural Myers burnt mask! And if you want to go for a genuine grumpy face for the Halloween holidays, Michael's mask is the easiest way to do it!


Michael Myers Chef Knife

Doing Michael Myers Cosplay without his dangerous weapon, chef Knife would be a bit off.
Here we are with the chef knife designed precisely the same as Michael’s Knife.



Got this for a Halloween party and some other people tried the mask on there. It is legitimately scary and also appears to be made well.


I purchased michael costume to use on a dummy. I didn't have high expectations but was surprised. It is decent quality and I could see using it as a costume for an actual person. The mask is pretty good looking too.

Christina S.


What materials go into the manufacturing of a Michael Myers Costume?
Michael Myers Costume’s items are sturdy and soft against the skin with a safe latex and cotton blend. Go and check out the product descriptions on our website to learn more about each one!

What will be the package dimensions?
The ideal package dimensions would be 13.49 x 10.49 x 1.49 inches. Go and check out the product descriptions on our website to learn more about each one!

How do I wash a Michael Myers Costume?
Wash a Michael Myers Costume on its own in a washing machine and dry it at moderate temps! Washing in cold water preserves the fabric's color and reduces shrinking, whether by hand or machine.

What is our shipping policy?
Just after placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email from our fulfilment staff. Once they're available, we'll notify you by email with the tracking number. In the case of a return, we will not refund the shipping fee.

How long will it take to deliver my Michael Myers Costume?
Mostly, we deliver orders within 5-15 business days; however, there are occasional exceptions. Want to know when your order will be delivered or shipped out? You can keep track of it at any moment in the menu tab!

Will the Michael Myers Costume fit me?
Yes absolutely! Our Michael Myers Costumes are designed in different sizes to fit every individual. The design of our costumes is basically based on the smallest to the 6XL, but with a few alterations. For more details, check out the product descriptions on our website!

Is a Michael Myers Costume suitable for kids?
Yes! Our Costumes are available for all ages. Gift it to the little ones of your family. For more details, check out the product descriptions on our website!

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